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Running Fred Lite

Description :

You’re never stuck in a dungeon? If not, a small child – Fred – running Fred Lite to give you a helpful hand foot! Right now is in danger, so hurry up!

Fred went to a mysterious place unconsciously while having fun with other children. Now, can’t find a path to the exit. Oh no! Death is chasing him! Overcome this challenge? Need to find a way to guide players safely that place for a leak. But it’s not easy to get out of there. Sharp pointed tips, wings, gaps, etc. Of deadly obstacles such as placed at each location. Be cautious and be careful to avoid touching them, or Fred is right. If you run for how long, would add more money to the budget. Them, use to buy amplifiers to increase work capacity.

Fred can escape from this dangerous place? Fred Lite to see if you can get the task accomplished run! Good luck!